Training: Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

By Slovak legislation of personal data protection, professional training is compulsory to Controller as a subject determining the purpose of personal data processing and for Processor as a subject processing personal data in the name of Controller.

We are prepared to perform suited training for any company regarding to its requirements. This training is usually organized in company spaces, so it’s eliminating possible time loss. The training is basically focused on personal data privacy legislation, obligation overview followed from internal legislation (i.e. directives, Personal data protection security project, etc.) and describing actual security threats and recommendations, how to protect personal data in legislation compliance.

Every participant obtain certificate.

The Structure of Training

  • Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data

  • Obligation overview followed from internal legislation

  • actual security threats and ways of protection

  • discussion

The Form of Training

The training is in a form of slide-show presentation – learners can interact with an instructor and ask during the lesson, what makes a training more dynamic and interesting for audience.

There is a possibility of training modification, for example to check knowledge by test (immediately or with some interval), give a discharge by issuing the certificate, use e-learning (using existing SW of your company) or include life demonstrations.

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